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The scary story of Jihad Mansion

We are Jewish aristocrats, from our ancestors . Iran came was a great day Shah of Iran Reza Khan wished to be crowned guilty all the chiefs invited the parents and I are among the special guests were the mother Mvpdrm ready to go and I my brother's house that you now see is only stayed in this house It belonged to my grandfather and we, who had just arrived in Iran, refused to go to the imperial palace. And we lived in the same house. The night my father's mother left, it was about seven o'clock at night. My brother and I started reading the Torah. An hour passed and we got bored. A government was knocking on the door and doing everything. Even in that mansion, several people were burned alive. When we reached the cellar of the mansion, we were attracted to the torture equipment. As soon as we approached, my grandfather snorted. The Torah was torn in my hand too, then a beautiful whisper came from the walls, I was scared. I was going crazy. It means that with the blood shed

Crazy Scientists of History

Science does not always serve humanity. Sometimes scientists have been madmen who have committed inhumane or insane acts to satisfy their personal desires or those of dictators in the name of science and knowledge.

Today I am going to introduce 9 crazy scientists of history:

Vladimir Mikho: Surgery two heads!

In 1954, a Soviet scientist introduced the "two-headed dog" to the world. The two-legged dog, which was a combination of a German Shepherd dog and a puppy, had an unpleasant appearance. The puppy could suckle, but the milk spilled out of the unsuitable stitches on the dog's neck. The two dogs died shortly after the test due to major problems with the test. But in the 15 years since, the insane scientist has made 19 other connections, all of which have failed.

Stubbins Firth: Dr. Yellow Fever

During the outbreak of yellow fever in the 1800s, a Philadelphia doctor believed that yellow fever was not a contagious disease. To substantiate his claim, he poured remnants of the vomit of infected patients onto his wounds. He did not develop yellow fever, but it was later established that the disease could only be transmitted through mosquito bites and direct blood transfusions.

Joseph Mingle: Angel of Death

Joseph Mingle, a senior SS physician, became known as the Angel of Death by conducting his own cruel experiments on prisoners of war. At the Auschwitz camp, he conducted extensive studies on twins. Usually, after his experiments, the twins were killed and their bodies destroyed. During these experiments, he sewed the twins together to make bonded twins. During these operations, children usually contracted serious infections. One of his assistants believed that even he himself did not believe in the experiments he was doing. Most of the surgeries he performed were performed without the use of disinfectants or antibiotics. His victims were numerous and he was never held accountable for the deaths of any of them.

John Conrad Dipple: Frankenstein!

John Conrad was one of the craziest scientists in history. The man to whom the main idea of ​​making Frankenstein is attributed was born in 1673 in Frankenstein Palace in Germany. After learning theology, philosophy and alchemy, he turned to making a strange oil mixed with the blood and bones of animals, with which he was to fulfill his eternal dream of eternal life! In addition, he tried to transfer a living human soul to a lifeless body at a funeral using a hose and some oil, but his idea certainly failed.

Giovanni Aldini: Electrical Spirits!

Luigi Galvani, nephew of the great Galvani, spread his uncle's ideas of electric shock to the frog's legs. Experimenting on the frog's legs, the great Luigi Galvani found that electricity tightens and contracts muscles. But his niece tested it on the body of a murderer! In front of many spectators, he passed metal rods containing electricity through the body of the murderer. His arms and legs went up and his eyes jumped out! The spectators at the ceremony were horrified and said that the murderer had been resurrected and should be executed again.

Sergei Bryukhonenko: The winner of the dog!

Surgery on a dog's head gave surgeons the initial ideas for heart surgery. He had a cruel treatment and designed a machine that kept the heads of several dogs alive after being cut off. In 1928, the experiment was first performed in front of an audience. In front of the spectators, he hit the table with an ax to show that the dog's head was completely separate. Then he threw light on the dog's eyes and blinked. In addition, he gave the dog some food! Although his experiments were the basis of many successes in the world of medical science, he was hated by the audience because of his cruelty in his experiments.

Shiro Ishii: Dr. Shaitan!

During the Second Sino-Japanese War in 1936, Shiro Ishii, a microbiologist specializing in the Japanese army, began conducting covert experiments for the Japanese government army with 150 buildings in an area of ​​6 square kilometers outside of Japan. The crimes committed by him and his subordinates in these buildings are unbelievable: human dissection (even the dissection of pregnant women), amputation of prisoners and re-transplantation of other organs, freezing or thawing of organs of prisoners while they were alive. In addition, prisoners were used as live targets to test missiles, grenades, and flames. Prisoners were tested for various viruses to study how they died. Prisoner men and women were infected with the gonorrhea and syphilis viruses to be tested. The evil doctor did not spend any time to punish his crimes after receiving the security of the US government after the end of the war, and he died at the age of 67 due to laryngeal cancer.

Andrew Yur: Scottish Butcher!

The Scottish physician became famous for his bizarre and cruel experiments on "Matthew Clidensdale", despite the extraordinary treatments he received during his medical career. (Matthew Klindsdahl was sentenced to death for murder and died shortly before the trial.) Andrew's first experiment involved cutting a back of his neck. Some of his vertebrae were removed in this experiment. The second test involved a cut on his side and the third cut was part of the heel. By connecting batteries to the back of his neck and side, he shocked him with an electric shock, and then brought him back to life by connecting the battery to the back of his leg! This determined doctor, by connecting batteries to other parts of his body, including his face, showed various states such as anger, happiness, sadness and laughter in his face. The show caused a great deal of fear and panic in the eyes of the people, until one of the doctors in charge of overseeing the experiment fainted.

Kevin Warwick: The first cyborg man (a combination of man and computer)

This English scientist, with his unique interest in robots, was the first scientist to come up with the idea of ​​cyborg. In 1998, he placed an electronic transmitter under his skin to control the lights, doors, and electronic devices around him. The main reason for his first experiment was to find out to what extent the human body is capable of accepting electronic chips. In 2002, more sophisticated chips were attached to his nervous system that could access his entire nervous system. This experiment was very successful in its time. In the following years, he tried to expand his creativity by experimenting with his wife, and his experiments are still going on until the end.


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