Horror story of jinn in Tabriz

You may not believe it, but this story happened to me. I am a bank employee and my job was in Tabriz. We went to Tabriz with a thousand rewards, but the problem was that I did not know this city properly. Anyway, I was looking for a house. Rent I found the ideal house in a real estate agency (a villa with a large garden around it) Anyway we went to that house with real estate. It looked like a good house and I liked the house and we rented it. My family and my two sons and I took the furniture to this house. A large house with two bedrooms and a large room that had many rooms and a window that could see the garden from the whole window, but Neda, my wife, excuses that I may be scared of his garden at night, but Koo listens, but he says that you are not always home, I have to stay in this house from morning till night, and he started grumbling, which I did not get bored with. eat . When I entered the shop, I grabbed some sausages that after the purchase, the groceries told me that they had just come to this place. I also told the story of renting this house and our new arrival in this place. Be yourself and your family, this is a heavy house. I did not listen to him because I hated these superstitions and I did not accept and I said that his garden is definitely scary for some people. With a thousand misfortunes and strictness, Ms. Neda was upset in picking things. I was getting nervous until evening. We spent the night eating dinner, which was again a light meal, and now it was time to sleep when I saw everyone sleeping in a corner. I also saw that I was getting bored. I went to turn on the TV.

There was a sound when I woke up once and saw that the window facing the garden was wide open. At first I thought it was wind. I got up, went and closed the window, and went back to sleep. I was falling asleep when a sound like the previous one came again, I opened my eyes but there was no news, I checked well, but there was still no news, I went to the rooms, maybe the window is open there, I saw the window of one of the rooms is open, to myself I said that maybe it was open when the wind opened it, I closed the window and I checked all the windows well that maybe they are open too, when I saw that they were also closed, I went to sleep. Less than half an hour later, I saw a terrible sound, but this time the sound of the window opening was so loud that Neda woke up with me, but I told my wife that the wind was blowing, but I knew it was not wind, because half an hour ago, everyone I had checked the doors and windows so that they would not be open, and because of this bad thing, I was so scared that I was praying to God that when it would be morning to get out of this predicament, I said maybe someone is bothering us or wants us out of here. Let's go and a thousand thoughts came to my mind, anyway, whatever happened that night came in the morning. In the morning, after eating breakfast, I went to the bank where I was on a mission. Anyway, I did my job and came home again. I had lunch. I said maybe, but for a moment I told myself that there was no wind at all last night. I slept a little after lunch. When I woke up, it was 5.30 pm when I said that I had time to go behind the canvas to fix the TV antenna. I got down to work, but I did not realize that I was scared. I was scared, but I did not tell Neda and the boys to scare them. When we had dinner, after eating the fruit, the boys went to sleep in their room, but I was scared instead of them. Neda and I slept at night, Neda fell asleep, but I did not fall asleep? When I went to close the window, I did not know how I did it for fear. I went back to bed, I was falling asleep little by little, when a sound came and I opened my eyes a little, I saw the door handle coming down and the door was opening little by little, but there was no one behind the door, it was as if it was a spirit, my breath was counting as if They had put something heavy on my heart, with a thousand rewards and fear, I went to close the door when the window suddenly opened, I was wetting myself (sorry) I was out of breath, I slowly went to the window I was closing the window when suddenly my eyes went in The garden fell; In the middle of the garden, a tall man with long hair with a disheveled face who was not known to be a man or a woman, with a long fang tooth, drooping eyes and a pointed earphone is pointing at me with his finger to come into the garden!

When I could not close the window or even wake Neda, I went to sleep in the same open state, but I heard a sound from the corridor; a sound like someone pulling something on the floor. I went. I could not wake up the next morning when I woke up to my wife's voice, my nerves were upset, I was not feeling well, I was tired as if I had not slept for a whole year when my wife said to me: Hussein, why Damqi? With a thousand rewards. I did what happened. We were both afraid of the damn house, I told you to pack up and leave before it was too late, I also went to another real estate agency to rent another house and the same day I insisted on We went to that place. After a while, he went alone to the supermarket in the alley of that place. When I entered that shop, the dead man said to me, "Did he bother you too?" I said yes, and I explained the story to him, who turned his head to me. The family lived in this house, but not all of them left this place in two days. I came out and looked at the same house from the outside for the last time and told myself to make a mistake, to get closer to this house and pass by.


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