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The scary story of Jihad Mansion

We are Jewish aristocrats, from our ancestors . Iran came was a great day Shah of Iran Reza Khan wished to be crowned guilty all the chiefs invited the parents and I are among the special guests were the mother Mvpdrm ready to go and I my brother's house that you now see is only stayed in this house It belonged to my grandfather and we, who had just arrived in Iran, refused to go to the imperial palace. And we lived in the same house. The night my father's mother left, it was about seven o'clock at night. My brother and I started reading the Torah. An hour passed and we got bored. A government was knocking on the door and doing everything. Even in that mansion, several people were burned alive. When we reached the cellar of the mansion, we were attracted to the torture equipment. As soon as we approached, my grandfather snorted. The Torah was torn in my hand too, then a beautiful whisper came from the walls, I was scared. I was going crazy. It means that with the blood shed

Horror story of a well pigeon

Hello dear friend Zmn width not bother you guys on this page with Ajaztvn wanted the memory of myself me tell you about four or five years ago when fifteen or sixteen were nights of summer, with four or five people, friends, children of our own air rifle We would pick up our birds and, as we say, go hunting birds. Now that I am telling my story, I am completely confused about why we were doing those stupid things. And at these intervals many people would tell us why we were harassing the animals, but we did not pay any attention to what they said, and we hunted squirrels, crows, pigeons of the well and the moon, and whatever we saw. Now the main story that after this incident caused us to never harass the animals again and even after this incident, I and my friends broke our own guns. On Friday morning, my friends and I all picked up our air rifles and set off on foot towards the mountains. On our way, we hunted about seven or eight sparrows and one moon or the same or Karim, and towards the river that is almost between Qazvin and We were walking in Alamut. On the way, our eyes fell on a few well pigeons and we were very happy to see them and we moved towards them and followed them with our eyes until we saw the well pigeons sitting on the ground next to an aqueduct well. We approached the aqueducts and we all got ready to shoot at them. Suddenly we saw all the pigeons jumping from the wells and going to the aqueduct. No, one of the children said, "Let's go inside the aqueduct and catch pigeons, and since it is dark inside the aqueduct and we can easily catch pigeonholes, the depth of that aqueduct was about four meters."And it was really impossible to go down. And we all went inside the aqueduct and lit the torches and we all moved to one side. As soon as we moved a few steps forward, we saw that the pigeons inside the aqueduct were flying but could not find a way to escape. We took it easyThe flight was coming but they could not find a way to escape. We continued like this and easily caught the pigeons.The flight was coming but they could not find a way to escape. We continued like this and easily caught the pigeons.

We would take the pigeons and put them in our backpacks, about fifty or sixty meters deeper. I was walking with one of my friends named Akbar, first of all, in the water that was deep enough to reach our waists, and the rest of my friends were following us behind us. I also looked in front of myself with fear and saw a very small and fat, hairy, humanoid creature standing a few meters in front of us. He ran away and when he ran away, he ran like a feather on the water until we saw it. Unfortunately, Akbar and I also went back to escape. As soon as we came back, we saw that two of my friends wereWe ran behind us and reached the mouth of the aqueduct, and we barely climbed the trunk of the tree, but there was no news of that one of my friends. We called them from the top of the aqueduct for a few minutes, but they did not answer. To help them, we both entered the aqueduct with total fear and moved towards them and dragged them to the mouth of the aqueduct and pulled them up with all our might. We took a little distance from the aqueduct and got under a tree and sat down. Little by little, those two of our friends got well. There was a piece of rock and some rotten bones and a few pieces of wood in the bag in which we had left the pigeons. We were all really confused, but we all realized that this was the same creature.He did it in the aqueduct and released the pigeons and we all realized that there are creatures who love and take care of animals. Surely, those people who harass animals for fun and entertainment will one day pay for their deeds. After this incident, my friend and I never harmed any animal, and as I said, we even broke our own guns, even to help the animals that needed help to forgive the things we were doing at that time.


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