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The scary story of Jihad Mansion

We are Jewish aristocrats, from our ancestors . Iran came was a great day Shah of Iran Reza Khan wished to be crowned guilty all the chiefs invited the parents and I are among the special guests were the mother Mvpdrm ready to go and I my brother's house that you now see is only stayed in this house It belonged to my grandfather and we, who had just arrived in Iran, refused to go to the imperial palace. And we lived in the same house. The night my father's mother left, it was about seven o'clock at night. My brother and I started reading the Torah. An hour passed and we got bored. A government was knocking on the door and doing everything. Even in that mansion, several people were burned alive. When we reached the cellar of the mansion, we were attracted to the torture equipment. As soon as we approached, my grandfather snorted. The Torah was torn in my hand too, then a beautiful whisper came from the walls, I was scared. I was going crazy. It means that with the blood shed

Neighbor Boy Horror Story

I am Mohammad Reza, a resident of Tehran. I wanted to share a memory with you. A few years ago, my father built an eight-unit apartment in Tehran. I was in the building. I loaded all the things I had in my father's house into a van and moved to the apartment and put my things in one of the first floor units. Days passed in that building. I had no entertainment. I went out, I saw a CD dealer, I went to take a look at the movies, I saw the pictures on some scary CDs, I bought those movies, and I went back to the building, I put the movies in the machine, and I watched the movies, although only I was in the building, I did not feel that way, I was busy with the movies for a few days, the movies were repeated for me, a few days later, when I went shopping again, a fewI bought the movie about the ghost and the ghost, which summoned one and two, and the book of shadows and dolls of Anna Bella and the American ghost, etc., and I was entertained with the movies again for a few days. I could feel my heartbeat in every part of my body, I could even feel the hair on my body sticking out. In short, I had a special pleasure from watching movies.

I was alone watching horror movies in the building for almost two months, and during this time I did not feel scared at all at night, until little by little, the buyers of the units came to the building, the furniture was almost full, and with the arrival of the homeowners, my free time increased. It was and sometimes I could go home and visit my parents and siblings. One day when I went from the house to the building, a strange thing happened to me. I will never forget it. Exhausted I quickly went to bed and fell asleep very soon I was asleep for about an hour or two when I woke up suddenly there was no record at all After a few moments of sitting, I felt a little thirsty.I was moving in the refrigerator. Suddenly, I felt something white next to the TV. I turned my head. Suddenly, I felt dry.

I looked at that ghost for about a second or two and it suddenly disappeared from my sight like the TV was off. I was confused. I took a glass of water from the refrigerator and went to bed. I believed that it was a mistake and I got it again and I fell asleep again. Two or three nights later, I fell asleep in front of the TV. Suddenly, like a few nights ago, I woke up suddenly as I was lying down. I saw the same thing I had seen a few nights ago in the dark. I sharpened my eyes a little when I saw a small ghost the size of a five or six year old boy moving by the kitchen. Kelly disappeared. Seeing these currents, I did not dare to get up from the cup and I fell asleep. After these other events, I felt very scared. I could hardly sleep at night, and every time I was late.I woke up and wanted to sleep. I saw the ghost of a boy around me even though all the units of the building were full and I had to feel more secure.

On the contrary, I was so scared at night that one day I got on the elevator to adjust the antenna and when I got back to the bottom of the elevator I stopped on the second floor with the elevator door open. The boy looked at me and my body dried up because he looked exactly like the ghosts I had seen in sleep and wakefulness over the past few weeks. The most interesting thing was that the family was sitting right on the unit where I was before. When this neighbor arrived, at first I thought they had no children, and only a few weeks later I realized that they had children.

After this incident, I was in that building for almost another month, and during these few months, I had come to the conclusion that when I heard the sound of a neighbor running and playing in the upper unit, I could sleep for hours, but when I did not hear a sound from him every time I slept or had a nightmare or saw the ghost of the same boy in my room. In short, I returned home from that building a month later.


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