Nightmare or nightmare is one of the sleep disorders that is studied in the science of sleep psychology or sleep psychology. Nightmare is a horrible and unpleasant dream that stimulates a person's nervous system and as a result the person subconsciously responds to it nervously. Nightmares are rooted in the events of the past or the course of a person's life, and in some cases can lead to sleep paralysis.

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Nightmares are called nightmares that wake a person up. But one must distinguish between nightmares and bad dreams. Even disturbing dreams are not considered nightmares if they do not blur the line between sleep and wakefulness or confuse one with sleep and wakefulness. In fact, a bad dream can be considered a milder form of nightmare that is not as destructive as a nightmare, but just like a nightmare, it can cause emotional turmoil and affect the person the next day. However, the emotional turmoil caused by a bad dream is not usually a nightmare. Another point is that nightmares happen less often than bad dreams. Almost all of us have experienced nightmares at some point in our lives. Most people rarely have nightmares, but there are some who have nightmares more often. Studies have shown that a small percentage of the population, about 5%, have nightmares almost once a week. Nightmares occur during REM sleep, that is, during the middle and lower parts of sleep. Nightmares cause varying degrees of wakefulness due to the part of the sleep cycle in which they occur, as well as the intensity of their visual and emotional features. You may wake up completely from a nightmare and not fall asleep easily again. Or maybe you just wake up a little bit, that is, wake up so much that you feel scared and confused or even relieved (relieved that your nightmare was not real!) And go back to sleep.


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