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The scary story of Jihad Mansion

We are Jewish aristocrats, from our ancestors . Iran came was a great day Shah of Iran Reza Khan wished to be crowned guilty all the chiefs invited the parents and I are among the special guests were the mother Mvpdrm ready to go and I my brother's house that you now see is only stayed in this house It belonged to my grandfather and we, who had just arrived in Iran, refused to go to the imperial palace.

And we lived in the same house. The night my father's mother left, it was about seven o'clock at night. My brother and I started reading the Torah. An hour passed and we got bored. A government was knocking on the door and doing everything. Even in that mansion, several people were burned alive. When we reached the cellar of the mansion, we were attracted to the torture equipment. As soon as we approached, my grandfather snorted. The Torah was torn in my hand too, then a beautiful whisper came from the walls, I was scared. I was going crazy. It means that with the blood shed by your ancestors, the barrier between the devils will be removed, so take refuge in God. I saw that my eyes were opened, behold the Khabydm bed and all families anxiously asked me, I was shocked Nga Mygnn where is my brother, and hey, I know it, my twin brother were affiliated to the Byqrarsh was a rabbi who were like my grandfather. He took everyone out, shook his hand and said to be calm. I was a little scared, he told me not to talk to anyone about last night, just shut up, Josh is fine and I am sure he is now next to Musa Nabi. He was a rabbi. In the evening, I saw the rabbi again.

He said yes, but you should not talk to anyone. Lam Takam promised and praised Gerd. He said that your grandfather would do anything to get the crown. properties magical

one Exorcist bring him the wife of one of the goblins had captured and instead crown promised Znshv free quinoa

get the job done and wife Jen freed but the woman of the grudge you the cellar for the seven daughters you seven days to die and six His son was captured by Ozone. Every time a girl comes to the mansion, she becomes a slave and the boy comes. His killer uses them. They hurt you. I suppressed this power, but having it was a headache, it was not a headache, interesting things were happening to me If you want, with his permission, I will describe my events so that you can put him in the next posts . And they move their paws. My grandmother says that my brother was killed in an awkward way. His head exploded due to the pressure, despite the fact that he was alone.


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